explore underwater alone

subwings is essential with decision, along these lines they offer an assortment of plans for each taste so everybody can discover a Subwing they like.

The Subwing is another, towable underwater game reasonable for all under water lovers. It’s a good time for kids and grown-ups alike and requires no specific aptitudes separated from being agreeable in untamed water.

All you have to begin is a Subwing, a tow rope, jumping cover and obviously a motorized pontoon.

Once up and running, you’ll have the capacity to encounter the miracles of flying underwater. You’ll be skimming easily through the water and performing exciting underwater aerobatic exhibition while investigating the underwater view. Who knows – you may considerably find a submerged fortune or chance upon a pack of inquisitive dolphins.

Look at our video segment and see our fortunate experiences with sharks, orcas, fishes and dolphins!

Catch your whole oceanic adventure with a GoPro mount appended to your Subwing and offer your underwater involvement with loved ones.

The Subwing watersports toy gives you a chance to explore the marine world more than ever!

Subwing Accessories

With the privilege Subwing gear you can boost your Subwinging-knowledge. Here you’ll discover a tow rope, jumping veil, GoPro mount and a sack to guard your Subwing from knocks and scratches.

In case you’re as of now a fan, we likewise have a determination of Subwing stock that’ll influence you to resemble a genuine underwater sportsfan.

How it functions

The Subwing comprises of two wings mounted together which can be tilted freely of each other.

A pontoon tows it at a moderate and delicate pace, while it’s manuevered by tilting the wings in various points. You basically cling to the wings by your arms and steer by pointing the wings toward the path you need to go.

Tilt the two wings downwards to jump and upwards to reemerge. A roll is accomplished by tilting the wings in inverse ways.

Simple to ace for everybody

Controlling this watersport board isn’t simply inconceivably natural and simple to learn. It’s additionally not that physically requesting, which makes the Subwing reasonable for the excite looking for competitor, as well as for everybody at any age that affection being in the water.

You don’t should have the capacity to hold you breath for quite a while keeping in mind the end goal to appreciate the Subwing. Just a couple of moments underwater for each plunge is adequate for an extraordinary affair. You can likewise remain at the surface and watch the underwater world pass by underneath you.

A towable for any motorized vessel

The Subwing is appended behind a motorboat and towed at an agreeable and safe speed of 2-4 ties.

Due to the moderate towing speed, a little pontoon with a less intense motor will have no issue towing the Subwing.

Utilize it with your sailboat, dinghy, angling pontoon, stream ski or any sort of motorized watercraft!

What are you sitting tight for?

Get your loved ones and take your next enterprise under water!

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