Rubber Ducks bath toys

Everybody cherishes rubber ducks and what could be more enjoyable than washing up with your most loved floating companion. Be that as it may, watch out rubber ducks, there’s another sheriff around the local area! Welcome Rubber Tubbers, the primary ever collectible line of authoritatively authorized floating school mascots. Rubber Tubbers cooperated with the world pioneer in rubber duck fabricating, Celebriducks, to present to you the absolute most one of a kind bath time collectibles you would ever envision.

Be one of the first to get your hands on these infants which are essentially as cool as a late spring sprinkle on a hot day. The line will include your most loved school mascot kicking back and floating on his internal tube conveying fun and eccentricity to bathtubs all over the place. The detail is stunning and every school mascot arrives in a lovely beautiful blessing box. In case you’re scanning for the ideal exceptional and moderate fun collectible for any understudy, graduated class, or prospective mamma look no further… .Rubber Tubbers possesses all the necessary qualities!

Have you at any point taken a gander at that yellow rubber duck and thought… why? Isn’t there more to tub life than this? For what reason should ducks have some good times?

Rubber Tubbers have joined forces with the world pioneer in rubber duck producing. Celebriducks, to present to you a gaggle of new choices.

Starting with your institute of matriculation, please welcome our most up to date arrange of university manifestations. Your schools furious, yet delightful mascot is prepared for a plunge. Our line of hand made rubber mascots arrive in a novel and adapted blessing box. So new all alone, maybe they never observe an air pocket bath.

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