how to write a mens fashion blog

So you’ve been into men’s fashion and style for a few years now and jump at the chance to believe that you know some things about how folks should dress themselves. You’ve read each article on FashionBeans, Put This On and US GQ and even stay up late/rise early to watch the runway shows as they happen in New York, Paris and Milan.

Individuals have started taking a gander at you amusing, because when they ask you where your ideal holiday destination is you always answer, “Pitti Uomo, bitches”. Your Christmas list is an obscure of wooden hangers, cedar shoe trees, finish and outrageously costly garments that nobody will ever get you.

2. Something Old Made New

Fashion and style are cyclical, however any blogger worth his weight in free swag realizes that you have to take something antiquated and make it relevant today.

Regardless of whether it’s a collar stick/tab, tie bar, lapel bloom, braces, or whatever else you find while mining through old photos from the 1950s and 1960s, guarantee you discover a way of incorporating into your look and pulling it off.

Regardless of whether you don’t manage to and individuals resemble “Mate, what’s that on your jacket?”, simply shake your head, mumble “amateur” and walk away into your polished dusk.

Lookbook Inspiration

4. Anything In Blogger Blue

By blogger blue, I clearly mean Saint Laurent blue. And by Saint Laurent blue, I clearly mean French blue. And by French blue, I clearly mean a blue that is some place in the middle of navy and baby blue, alright! Jeez, it’s not my fault you don’t have the foggiest idea about the blue family that well, sham

And when I say ‘Anything in Blogger Blue’, I clearly mean EVERYTHING – get each thing you can in this shading and wear them all together as many circumstances as you can. Indeed, even in bed. Especially in bed.

Lookbook Inspiration

5. A Piece Of Grail Status Clothing

A Michael Bastian twofold breasted blazer from his AW09 accumulation. Belgian loafers actually from Belgium. Mark McNairy Sand Suede/Red Brick Sole Double-Monks. The rundown continues forever – see Four Pins for all the pieces that ought to be on your radar:

Whatever you decide on, it needs been strangely costly when it came out, totally selective and not by any stretch of the imagination that wearable in everyday life. However, you’ll be damned if that will stop you – you will wear that Supreme Leopard Print Camo M-51 Field Jacket to Sainsbury’s at whatever point you require drain.

Because that’s what a blogger does: stunts child, stunts.

Final Word

So there you have it, the five things that you’ll have to start dressing, and therefore being, a menswear blogger. As long as you look like it, nobody will be any the more shrewd.

Truly, how would you think I’ve been escaping with it for so long? Presently, where did I put my vintage camp moccasins?

Joyful Christmas from all the team here at FashionBeans!