Best Alternatives of Adsense

Best alternatives of adsense

Best alternatives of Adsense –  best alternatives of Google adsense

Hello friends, Now a days creating a website is very easy but choosing a ad platform is much typical than that. Everyone wants best return for their time spent on their website and they expect maximum possible revenue for content available on their website. After establishment of website first thought comes in mind is advertisement. Then next thought is which ad provider is best for your site. We are going to learn about Best Alternatives of Adsense .

There are plenty of good advertisement platforms available for low traffic websites and high traffic websites. Most famous advertisement platform is Google Adsense but there are many reasons which will make you to leave Adsense like Adsense rules are very strict , you may easily violate their advertising policy and get suspended or permanently banned. Adsense payout threshold is 100$ which is very higher then other advertisement platforms. You need to verify your address for receiving payments and even a small mistake can take away adsense from you .

So, The question is if no adsense then what ?

After using many advertisement platforms like CHITIKA,,Short.est and many more i stumbled to a conclusion that Infolinks is best for advertising if you are not looking for adsense or you want to use Best alternative of Adsense.

Question :-

Can i use Infolinks with Google Adsense?

Answer :-


You can even use Infolinks with Adsense and it doesn’t violates Adsense Policy. So i suggest you to Apply for Infolinks even if you have Adsense approved on your website or Blog to boost up your earnings. Just maintain ads according to length of your article.

Infolinks Review :-

  1. Infolinks is easy to set-up for your website. All you need to do is install plugin provided by them or Use their javascript code to show ads at your desired location
  2.  Infolinks Provides many ad unit types for example :-  Intext , Inframe , Infold , Intag , Inarticle . These ad styles lets you show ads in different forms at different places of your site and posts.
  3.  Infolinks Payout is lower than Adsense and you can even redeem on paypal , isn’t is great? .
  4.  Infolinks shows your content related ads near to content so chances are high for getting few clicks by users.
  5.  Infolinks  Doesn’t accept applications easily , you need to get good search engine traffic and enough traffic from US and UK .
  6.  Infolinks provides good customer support then any other advertisement networks.

Pros and Cons :- 

Pros :-  1.Minimum payout limit is 50 $ which is half to adsense and you can also redeem in paypal.

Payment options offered by Infolinks :-

  • Bank wire Transfer – $25 plus 2% to receive your payment via your local currency.
  • Paypal – U.S. residents $1 , Everyone else 2% upto 10$.
  • eCheck – $6 plus 2% for currency conversion.
  • Western Union – $15 minimum.
  • ACH and Payoneer – No fees.

2. Compatible with Adsense and Less risk than adsense from being suspended.

3. Infolinks has affiliate option too so you can refer to your friends and boost up your earnings.

Cons :- I didn’t find any con in Infolinks it , You will always get payments at time , yeah it doesn’t update your earnings for click instantly like Adsense but its negligible con.

So what you are waiting for Sign up for Infolinks by following below steps for a good advertisement experience .

How to Sign up For Infolinks : 

1. Click here to Sign up.

best alternatives of adsense

2. Select publisher as a option and then fill required fields like Name , Email , Country , Password , Website Link.

3. They will review your application within 2-3 days.

4. After that you can use their ads by simple methods like installing plugin , using javascript code .


As you can see Infolinks ads are also applied on our website and we are very happy with this , if you also have Infolinks or if you ever used infolinks then must share your review with in comments , I hope you liked this article.

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