What is a Cryptomoneda?

What is a Cryptomoneda?

what is a cryptomoneda, the new digital currency, It is known as Criptomoneda, the Digital money that is designed to be a safer way of payment, that money in a traditional way, is also very relevant today because it is in most cases, its anonymous transactions.

It is characterized as a currency associated with the network, or the Internet where all its data are handled only in digital form, is there is no physical cryptomonads, as conventional currencies, dollar or Euro and is stored in the same way digitally in a pl Ataformas calls wallet or wallet, they mean the same and are digital.

What does Cryptomoneda mean?

The meaning of Cryptomoneda comes from:

Crypto: Subtraction of the word cryptography.

Currency: Synonymous with the word money.

What is a Criptomoneda?

What is cryptography?
is known as

cryptography, to the process or method of converting common legible information into a quasi-indecipherable reading encoding, where it favors in the digital economic field because it is possible to make purchases, payments, and transfers in almost anonymous way.

The cryptography emerged, as a need for communication in the Second World War, one method of cryptography that the key method Morse, but today thanks to the evolution of telecommunications technology to emerged the digital age, now the Cryptography digital came to stay thanks to our computers, which encode their own mathematical algorithms generating new forms of cryptography, making it more difficult to human reasoning. This allows society to generate more confidence in this kind of digital communication.

When did you create the first Cryptomoneda?

According to the records of the Cryptomonads, the first digital currency of the world was created in the year 2009 and it is called BITCOIN, it was established supposed mind called SATOSHI NAKAMOTO, in honor of its creator who never appeared in physical form, nobody knows who is it was given the name to the Fraction of the Bitcoin as SATOSHI.

It is known that this person was the creator of the Bitcoin because, in the records of Blockchain, this person appears that in 2009, initiating its creation already possessed more than 1 million of Bitcoin in its account.

This is one of the scenarios of the creation of the Bitcoin, so far Mr. SATOSHI NAKAMOTO, does not appear, some think he is a god of mathematics, others say he is an alien envoy and others say it is Artificial intelligence, where it is said that already The Internet is controlled by itself and was able to create this Criptomoneda, whatever the truth the Bitcoin change the economy and how to do business worldwide.