BTV Solo Music Production Software

BTV Solo Music Production Software

BTV Solo Music Production Software is an across the board program intended to enable you to form your music ideal from your PC.

With this software there’s no compelling reason to figure out how to play an instrument. You simply browse a large number of pre-stacked sound examples to make your tracks.

Presently obviously, the software won’t compose your song’s tune for you. Despite everything you need to pick your notes and frame your melodies. Be that as it may, with this software it resembles approaching a full band holding up to record their piece of your song in the studio.

The business page says you can organize full songs utilizing only the software, or you can likewise utilize it to help your current home music production studio.

Likewise, it appears they’re showcasing the item particularly to Hip Hop music makers and Djs (fundamentally as a “beats and sections” program), yet the software is sufficiently adaptable to make demos of melodies for songs in different classifications as well (…well perhaps not overwhelming metal).

Presently no doubt about it, nothing beats the sound of a genuine instrument playing, however this is an incredible option on the off chance that you want to end up an expert musician. On the off chance that you essentially want to compose songs and simply require an apparatus to enable you to compose your melodies then this could be the correct software for you.

The BTV Music Production Software Includes…

In the event that you look down their business page, they give a rundown of all that you get with the software. You download the software right away after buy and you’re given 60 days to give it a shot hazard free. Furthermore, on the off chance that you don’t care for the software you can email the organization and get 100% of your cash back. The following is a rundown of a portion of the things you get:

  1. 16-track constant direct example based sequencer
  2. Installed blender with 60+ preset impacts
  3. Proficient sampler
  4. Preparing recordings that demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to utilize the software
  5. You can discover test recordings at the best and base of the business page that are around 5 minutes in length, demonstrating how the music production software functions and what experts are saying in regards to it. So check whether BTV Music Production Software is something you think you’ll get a kick out of the chance to use to help form your song’s music.

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What is It And Who is It For?

BTV Solo Software is a professional music production software, a beat maker for short. From tenderfoots new at managing music software, to professionals who have far keep running in the business it suits all requests. What I mean is that the stage is straightforward for disciples and powerful for experienced producers with numerous years in the music business.

It isn’t costly considering the expansive range of music highlights it covers. The program isn’t entangled making it simple to ace and produce incredible beats lastly get astonishing outcomes right away. It has an extensive bank of sounds accessible for clients to fulfill all needs.

BTV Solo is a fresh out of the box new beat making software with an equipment style wind… however no equipment is really expected to set up. You’ll discover mind blowing sounds, bleeding edge highlights and FX, with an interface worked for a no-bother work process. You’ll begin new melodies in seconds, and complete them up in only minutes.

Dispatch BTV Solo in independent mode, and by utilizing just your PC console and mouse you’ll open all the energy of BTV. With more than 1,000 included sounds, you’ll compose melodies, test, blend, fabricate your own packs and instruments, and ace your completed product all on your PC, no requirement for costly studios. Open BTV Solo in VST module mode, and it turns into a capable expansion to your professional advanced sound workstation.

Get the sounds and the energy of BTV Solo beat making software for your Mac or PC now


  1. Sound: 24bit/16bit/44.1kHz: testing, playback and fare.
  2. 16 tracks with playable quiet and solo capacities to make designs that can be performed and remixed on the fly.
  3. Controller Options: Trigger sounds and capacities utilizing your PC console, or any perfect MIDI controller.
  4. One octave cushion design with 8 banks so you can blast out beats OR play the keys more than 8 octaves.
  5. 16 layers of speed affectability per cushion for emotive execution. Cushion solo and quiet for included remix control.
  6. Channels, Delays, Reverb, Chorus, Disintegrator, Overdrive, Distortion, Phaser, Pitch shifter, Vibrato Vinyl impact and more.
  7. Include BANG with installed acing!
  8. Import/Export .wav or .aiff records to utilize and exchange unreservedly amongst BTV and your DAW.
  9. Record your own particular examples straightforwardly into BTV Solo utilizing your PC’s worked in mic or line input.
  10. Alter tests with waveform see. Set begin/end focuses. Standardize, switch and resample to customize your sounds.
  11. Auto slash enables you to rapidly make pound up parts and custom units from your examples. Break out that vinyl!
  12. Step or Real-time Sequencer. Make designs continuously utilizing quantize, swing, singular bar lengths and tap rhythm.
  13. String them together in SONG mode.
  14. No heap time when you switch beats and units!
  15. Simple to peruse record framework that matches up with the Beat Thang Hardware.

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