Revitol Review – Does the Revitol Product Line Live Up to Its Claims?

To be honest, up until a few months ago, I had never heard of the Revitol product line. There is little or no advertising in women’s magazines and no celebrity endorsements of the products. Still, this decade old skin care company has found it’s way to the top of the natural skin care genre and along the way it has developed a fan base virtually all over the world.

The Revitol product line was founded in 2002 with one purpose – to bridge the gap between science and nature in order to create a line of natural skin care products that would deliver measurable results without the use of harsh chemicals. Truly a pioneer in the natural skin care market, Revitol not only carved the path for its subsequent rivals in the industry, the products have maintained their popularity and longevity in an extremely competitive arena. Before we discuss the pros and cons of our Revitol Review, let’s take a closer look at the product line.

What’s it all about?
Revitol is a comprehensive line of all natural skin care products ranging from anti-aging serums and creams to targeted skin care products for acne, eczema, and cellulite and other bothersome skin conditions. The now international company has successfully blended nutritional science with the finest botanical ingredients sourced from around the world. The result is a natural skin care line of over a dozen products to date, all free of harsh and toxic chemicals. Sounds great, but is Revitol all that it claims to be?

There are a few significant things we like about the Revitol product line. First and foremost – the fact that it utilizes natural and botanical ingredients in its product line. Revitol is a member of the Natural Products Association, which maintains very high standards for companies bearing their label.

Second, we like the full spectrum of products in the Revitol line. The company seems to have conducted abundant research to provide a natural option for those people dealing with a variety of troublesome skin conditions.

Lastly, we love the fact that the Revitol skin care line stands behind its product 100% and provides consumers trial options that allow them to experience the product without digging into their pocketbook.

Though Revitol is a great natural skin care line, there are some things that you should be aware of before trying the product. First, it’s not cheap. It you decide (after your trial) that you like the product line, you can expect to shell out some cash to continue reaping the rewards this natural skin care. Although many people feel that the benefits of proven natural skin care products outweigh the cost, it’s something that we wanted to bring to your attention.

Second, according to the people that we polled, there seems to be some inconsistency of efficacy amongst some of the products in the Revitol line. While some people gave 5 stars to the anti-aging serum, they only gave 3 stars to the anti-aging cream. We found similar opinions with some of the acne line and some of the targeted products, as well. We understand that this is to be expected with any consumer product that is being reviewed. We will always find ‘ney-sayers’ among any group of people that are asked to give their opinion. Ultimately, the only opinion that should really matter to you – is yours!

Overall Thoughts
Overall, we like the Revitol skin care product line, but we do not love it. We like the fact that they were literally pioneers in the natural skin care arena…. However, for us the efficacy just isn’t consistent enough for a five star rating. Though they were among the first to enter the natural skin care genre … their reputation seems to be resting on their laurels a bit. In this day and age when science and nature are truly married to deliver state of the art natural organic skin care lines, Revitol seems to have lagged behind. That – coupled with the fact that they still insist on using some synthetic ingredients, allows us to give the Revitol product line only a 3 star rating.

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Revitol: History, Products, and Policies

Revitol sells a line of all-natural skin care products that include anti-aging solutions, hair removal, skin brightening products, and those formulated to get rid of acne and to treat skin problems like rosacea. The company’s products are made from a blend of herbs and other natural ingredients that are designed to treat all skin types. This Internet-based skin care company has been in business for over a decade, and Revitol products are available only on the official website. Revitol is a member of the Natural Products Association, a non-profit and well-known organization which includes companies that use all-natural or herbal ingredients in the creation of their skin care products.

Revitol Product Line

Revitol sells a variety of skin care products that focus on anti aging effects and addressing specific skin problems, like acne scars or stretch marks. Each product is listed under its own link on the site and includes information about how long a single product container should last, based on usage and what ingredients were included in the formulation. Some skin repair products that are available from Revitol include a scar minimizer, facial wash to get rid of acne, and stretch mark prevention creams. Beauty products include a pore minimizer, cellulite minimizer, anti-aging creams, and creams to even out skin tone problems.

The website also provides relatively detailed information on each product page about how the creams, washes, and other treatments should be used. Cautionary statements are also listed for each individual product, such as information about recommended usage and what possible side effects may occur if the product is misused. This is important to keep in mind because even all natural products have side effects and can cause severe allergic reactions. If considering Revitol products, read the instructions carefully and don’t just operate on the assumption that if it’s natural, then nothing can go wrong.

Ordering, Shipping, and Returns

All of Revitol’s products can be ordered through the official website. Unfortunately, although there is a customer service phone number offered on the site, orders cannot be placed by phone. When customers place an order on the site, they can pay with any major credit card, use PayPal, or send the company a money order or cashier’s check directly.

Revitol offers both U.S. and international shipping. Domestic shipping can take anywhere from three to seven business days, while international shipping may take up to three weeks once the order is processed. All orders are shipped through USPS, first class mail.

Revitol does accept returns for any of its products. However, the purchaser must contact customer service via telephone for proper authorization and will not be given a refund without one. All returns must be made within 90 days and include all of the original packaging, but there are no restrictions about how much of the product must remain in the bottles or jars upon return. If you do return products to Revitol make sure to obtain a tracking number so that they will be informed when the package has reached the customer service center. This is very important because small containers of Revitol products can cost nearly $50 apiece, so if you’re returning products and they are lost without a tracking number, you’ll be out quite a bit of money.

Lastly, keep in mind that customers who return any Revitol product must pay shipping costs, and any refund received will not include the original cost of shipping. Therefore, if you’re just trying to develop your skin care routine, keep this in mind before buying a product you’ve never tried before and might not like. Once Revitol staff approve the refund, the customer should receive the money within about thirty days.