Spyfy is a handy tool for all kinds of e commerce sellers who sells their products in different e commerce websites like Amazon, ebay, shopify and whatever the different e commerce platforms where you are selling.
you can sell 10’s and 1000’s of physical products online without any delays.
you can keep can keep an eye on your competitor and spyfy will do your job to take care of your sales furnels.

in spyfy you can search by keyword and url
target specific interest and keywords
export interests by creating fast campaigns
fanpage search and discover the most popular type of content created by your fierest competitors. spyfy will gives you ability to filter down to the microscopic level inside their fan pages and copy their content to boost on your own niche related fan pages.
graph search for fan pages is a powerful feature that sorts fan pages as interests, groups places and page likes by occupation gender so then set up a copy of pages and posts of your own for almost instant profitability.
gain access to current and past campaigns so you can see all related your keyword to get ideas for viral campaigns you can copy, paste and scale up fast.
filter down by active/non active campaigns big time saves as you don’t want to waste time viewing non active campaigns if you choose not to see them.
filter by social network see which products which models are popular in fb, twitter or pinterest so you can laser target and tailor your own campaigns for what is working best on individual social media
checkout fronts and backs this feature is increadiably powerful to use keyword filtering to find mix and match ideas you chosen niche which bring in higher overall profits
gain ideas for both time and limited and evergreen campaigns look deep within the hottest free campaigns on all the major platforms. cash in fast by catching viral trends to make long term profits from ever green campaign ideas.
find the most popular physical products in your niche with spyfy’s ecommerce module add these products to your own stores and target with relevant interests from fb ad tool and find your ad campaigns in profit almost from the start.
spyfy’s ecommerce module comes with a pre loaded database of 28k shopify stores to spy on and search by global rank, traffic volume and traffic stats to hone in on items with the largest profit potential allowing you to scale up your own stores offerings faster.
create huge return on investment from your ads by uncovering the products with the most appeal to your niche audiences.
sort the amazon and ebay platforms by top reviews to find the very best products your audience loves and trusts which puts more into your pocket at the end of the day.

save your searches to my favourites for closer look later.
get insights on your competition’s backlinks so you can steal them for yourself and outrank them before they even know whats happend
keyword research function lets you find you can easily rank for in the SERP’s the most long tail keywords you rank ofr the more sales you make
keyword suggessions the keyword suggession feature finds to make your content more easily found by google to use in addition to your main keyword.
never be stuck for new campaign ideas again find inspiration for designs you can scale in different niches for gigantic paydays.
explore the possibilites of entering new markets and creating new product lines by exploring via brainstorm module.
go thru your best searches at your own leisure, saving you vast amounts of time and effort trying to find items at a later date.
end the frustration of being interrupted during a search and forgetting where you viewed an item. favorites saves your searches with a single click.

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